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At NationsChoice Mortgage, we use leading-edge technology to ensure that all customer information is 100% safe. We protect your information by using a combination of security measures that are among the best in the e-commerce industry.


All customer information is encrypted using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology supported with digital certificates provided by GeoTrust, Inc. This means that your loan application information is safe and secure as it travels over the Internet.


NationsChoice Mortgage participates in GeoTrust's Authentic Site Program. Participation in this program reflects our company's strong commitment to conducting secure commerce over the Internet.

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NationsChoice Mortgage uses leading firewall and network security technology to protect our internal computer systems from unauthorized access. In addition, our site passes intensive daily security scans by a third party, McAfee, the largest dedicated security company in the world. These scans test for possible unauthorized personal information access, links to dangerous sites, phishing and other online dangers. McAfee helps to protect you from identity theft, viruses, spyware and other online threats. The seal below certifies that our website has passed these tests.

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You can be confident that your personal information is completely safe and private during and after you complete our online application. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your loan information, please email us at

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Loan Type: Selecting Refinance WITH CASH OUT may increase your rate. If you want some extra cash to pay the closing costs on your new loan, this would NOT be considered receiving extra cash.

Escrow/Impounds: Allows you to pay 1/12 of your annual property taxes and homeowners insurance with your mortgage payment each month. Escrowing your taxes and insurance will lower your points by .25%

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