Lowest Rate and Cost Guarantee

Our mission at NationsChoice Mortgage is to provide the lowest cost, most convenient mortgage in America. We are confident that our combination of rate, points and fees is the best youíll find and will pay you $1000 if another lender is able to beat our pricing.

Terms and Conditions:

A complete NationsChoice Mortgage loan application and full underwriting approval is required. Once your loan is approved with NationsChoice, provide us a copy of a competitor's locked Good Faith Estimate, Truth in Lending Disclosure, and other necessary documentation showing the loan program and loan to value from a competing lender. These competitor documents must be dated the same day as the day you provide them to NationsChoice. If our total lender costs (points and fees) and rate, for the same program and same loan-to-value, are not lower than the competitor, we will make every effort to beat the competitorís pricing. If we elect not to beat the competitorís pricing at that time, you may begin the claims process for the $1,000 Guarantee by completing the claim form and process detailed herein. As further detailed below, you are required to provide NationsChoice an additional opportunity to beat the competitorís offer subsequent to NationsChoiceís receipt of your completed claims form and between 72 to 24 hours prior to the day you sign your final loan documents with the competitor.

Should we still elect not to beat the competitorís total lender costs (points and fees) and rate, for the same program and same loan-to-value, total lender costs (points and fees), provide us with a copy of your final HUD-1 closing statement to confirm that the loan closed with the competing lender on the terms quoted in their Good Faith Estimate, Truth In Lending Disclosure, and other necessary documentation showing the loan program and loan to value, NationsChoice Mortgage will send you a check for $1000.

Competing offer must be from a national lender. The rate, points, fees, commitment period and loan program offered by the competing lender must be dated and presented to NationsChoice on the day of the offer. Competing offer must be presented to NationsChoice prior to locking rate with NationsChoice. For loans already locked with NationsChoice, our standard float down policy will apply, and as such, are excluded. Guarantee is not available and forfeited if your loan application is denied, canceled, or withdrawn by you or NationsChoice.

Guarantee applies to first lien mortgage conforming loan programs offered by NationsChoice up to $625,000. If the loan product is an adjustable rate product, the initial rate, rate index, time of rate adjustment and rate cap must also be the same as the product you are requesting from NationsChoice. Interest rates can change multiple times a day, so time is of the essence when comparing interest rates from different lenders.

NationsChoice Mortgageís guarantee is contingent on you providing the necessary documentation and information to make a complete credit underwriting decision.

We reserve the right to verify that the competing lender's interest rate and points/fees quote is bona fide.

In the event NationsChoice elects not to match the competing lenderís offer, you may request a claim form by emailing customerservice@asmartloan.com or mailing a request for the claim form Attention: Lowest Rate and Cost Guarantee, 3303 E. Baseline Road #7-118, Gilbert, AZ 85234. We will send you a claims form that you will need to complete and must be received by NationsChoice more than 72 hours prior to you signing your final loan documents with the competitor. Between 72 hours and 24 hour of you signing your loan documents with the competitor, you are required to contact NationsChoice and provide an additional opportunity for us to beat the competitorís offer.

We will pay you $1,000 after we have verified that the loan was closed with the competing lender under the terms and conditions originally submitted to NationsChoice Mortgage and all obligations under these terms and conditions are verified met. Additional details are below.

    1. The guarantee is void if the loan terms or conditions of the original loan approval change prior to closing.

    2. This offer of guarantee may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Claims in process at the time of withdrawal, will however, be processed.

    3. This offer does not apply to:

    • a. Investment properties, two-to-four family units, home equity loan programs, and second mortgage programs.
    • b. Loans secured by co-operatives.
    • c. Loans for properties on leased land.
    • d. Loans involving a Consolidation Extension Modification Agreement or other types of modifications/assumptions.
    • e. Loans with pre-payment penalties.
    • f. Loans to employees of competing lenders and/or affiliates of competing lenders.
    • g. Loans subject to special incentives or credits due to employee relocation programs or similar employee programs.
    • h. Loans subject to special federal or state program, including, but not limited to, the Making Home Affordable Program and Home Affordable Refinance Program.

    4. You must close your loan with the competitor

    5. You have to file your claim within 30 days from the time you initially provided the competitorís Good Faith Estimate to NationsChoice, as required under these terms and conditions. The following documents must be included in your claim request:

    • a. A copy of the completed claim form sent to you by NationsChoice Mortgage on the date we elected not to "match" a competing lender's offer and proof that you provided NationsChoice the additional opportunity to beat the competitorís offer within the above-detailed timeframe.
    • b. A fully executed copy of the final Truth in Lending Act disclosure from the competing lender.
    • c. A fully executed copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement signed by the closing agent and all parties to the transaction.

    6. If the final Truth in Lending Act disclosure and HUD-1 Settlement Statement are accurate and prove that the loan closed with the product and terms previously quoted by the competing lender, we will send you $1,000 within 60 days of receiving your claim form.

    7. You must mail your claim documents to: NationsChoice Mortgage, Attention: Lowest Rate and Cost Guarantee, 3303 East Baseline Rd. #7-118, Gilbert, Arizona 85234.

    8. All communications relating to the claim and requests to beat a competitorís offer must be in writing.

    9. We will not be responsible for system failures, website downtime, undelivered mail, or any technical malfunctions that prevent your information from reaching NationsChoice Mortgage.

    10. We will make all determinations and decisions as to eligibility and qualification for payment of this guarantee. All NationsChoice Mortgage decisions are final.

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